Digital Technologies for Sustainable Development

The DTSD Proseminar proposes a practical perspective on the new challenges and opportunities posed by digital technologies applied to international development. The core objective of this Pro-Seminar is to acquire the critical skills to understand the impact of past and current technology-based development interventions from theoretical and empirical standpoints. After the seminar, participants will be equipped with the necessary tools to assess the role of digital technologies and media in their own organizations, understand the principles of digital development and apply them in the conceptualization and design of development projects and initiatives.

About the course

Description of the proseminar and syllabus

Before the course

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Activities to take place on October 1st-3rd


Recommended and optional readings

 “We have created a Star Wars civilization, with Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology.”

Edward O. Wilson, the Social Conquest of Earth

Edward Wilson’s quote will serve as the initial reflection about the promise of technology and digital media for international development, as the group dives into a profound discussion about the implications that these tools can have in community power structures, inequalities, and opportunities. The seminar will conclude with the group revisiting the quote and reflecting on the reviewed case studies and readings so participants can draw their own conclusions about the intersection of Digital and Development.