Rodrigo Morán

Adjunct Lecturer SID Program – Heller School for Social Policy and Management  

Rodrigo is a lawyer turned development practitioner, passionate about the intersection of technology, innovation and sustainable development. He has 10 years of experience working with civil society, municipal government and private development consulting. He founded the Sivar Productions project through a grant from the U.S. State Department to develop multimedia skills in youth from vulnerable communities in San Salvador, receiving a follow-up grant from the New Leaders Group Award by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in 2017. He currently serves as Technology and Innovation liaison for CREA Consultores in San Salvador, and is the focal point for Digital Development for Central America for Creative Associates International. Rodrigo completed hsi SID MA (‘16) as a Fulbright scholar, and is a fellow from the 14th class of the Central American Leadership Initiative (CALI) and the Aspen Global Leadership Network. / @rodromoran /

Emilio Velis

Adjunct Lecturer SID Program – Heller School for Social Policy and Management  

Emilio Velis is an industrial engineer based in San Salvador from where he explores how sharing knowledge and technology can impact communities. He received the MIT Innovators Under 35 Award Central America for an initiative that helped communities to design their own open hardware for social and environmental resilience. Emilio is currently the Executive Director of the Appropedia Foundation. / @emilio /

Faculty Adviser: Joan Dassin, PhD

Director of the SID Program, Dr. Joan Dassin is a Professor of International Education and Development and Director of the MA Program in Sustainable International Development (SID). She spent the 2013-2014 academic year at the Centre for Latin American Studies and St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, where she conducted research on how educational opportunity for young people in the developing world leads to personal empowerment and social transformation.

Previous Teaching Assistants

Muhammed Ali (2019)

Muhammed Ali is a second-year Concentration of Development Management SID candidate from Turkey. His core interest and study areas are development management and development aid. He studied at Harvard for emerging market economies and democratization process. He uses digital media as a tool to increase awareness of critical thinking, problem-solving, and curiosity in the complex sustainable development fields.

Angesom Teklu (2018)

Angesom is a second-year “Advanced study” SID candidate from Eritrea.  His area of interest focuses on the challenges of youth in Africa and transforming these into high dividends by creating shared objectives and knowledge across boundaries. He leverages the digital media for communication and engagement that is timely, accurate, and problem-solving oriented.

Kimlay Leav (2017)

Kimlay was born and raised in Cambodia. He has extensive experience and has been actively involved in a wide range of youth-focused social activities in his role as a full-time staff and a member of numerous NGOs and youth groups. He is currently a second-year SID student.

Huong Le (2016)

A sustainable development practitioner from Vietnam, Houng is experienced in environmental conservation and act as the project management of the Save Son Doong campaign.


Rodrigo Moran (2015)

Rodrigo is pursuing a Master of the Arts degree in International Development and specializing in social movements and community involvement.  He will receive a degree to assist him in his work in El Salvador as he encourages effective political representation. 

Christina Castellani (2014)

Sustainable development practitioner experienced in education and program management across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.