Schedule 2021

Day 0

  • The 3D Podcast (Digital Development Debrief) 2021 podcast – Episode 1: Pilot —Introduction to the lecturers, objectives, key concepts, what to expect from the course?

Day 1: Friday, October 1st 

  • [6:30 PM] Welcome and introductions: Participants will share their background and expectations for the course.
  • [7:00 PM] The role of digital technologies and media in development: Live lecture where facilitators discuss key concepts and notions about the intersection of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and development, and its social, ethical, and practical applications. 
  • Discussion: How can development practitioners leverage digital technologies to address development challenges without perpetuating colonization patterns? How can digital technologies increase participation and diversity in designing development projects and in decision-making processes? In addition to discussing these questions, participants will share their initial ideas for the use of various digital technologies in a development project. 

Day 2: Saturday, October 2nd

  • [9:00 AM] Coffee and recap of initial discussion: Participants will reflect on Friday night’s discussion and how it has impacted their preliminary digital development project ideas.
  • [9:30 AM] The T4D landscape: Facilitators will lay out the Technology for Development (T4D) landscape, introducing participants to the concepts of Multimedia content production and distribution; Collective intelligence; Financial technologies (Fintech); Education technologies (Edtech); and Appropriate technologies.  
  • [10:30 AM] Break/Active Pause
  • [11:00 AM] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Digital Development: Live lecture where facilitators share real examples of digital development projects and dissect some of the most relevant aspects that determine their failure or success. 
  • [12:30 PM] Lunch break
  • [01:45 PM] Brain reset
  • [2:00 PM] Speedgeeking: Two digital development professionals from around the world will deliver a lightning talk about the use of digital technologies and media in development contexts, followed by a short Q&A session.
  • [3:30 PM] Course Project Instructions and Design Workshop: Facilitators will explain the instructions for the course project and participants will join their classmates or work individually on conceptualizing their digital development projects, exploring the approaches and tools presented in the morning session and applying them to the topic of their choosing. 
  • [5:00 PM] Break for the day

Day 3: Sunday, October 3rd

  • [9:00 AM] Coffee and Check-in: Reflections on group work and reviewed course materials (videos, articles, etc.)
  • [09:30 AM] Digital Development Case Studies: Presentation and discussion of digital development projects from across the world that have utilized diverse digital technologies in the design of development initiatives around health, financial inclusion, education, and other areas. 
  • [10:30 AM] Hype Busters: Ludic exercise to revisit the key elements of a good digital development project.  
  • [11:00 AM] Break/Active Pause
  • [11:20 AM] Course Conclusions and Final Discussion: Students will reflect on the different topics covered in the course and will share their conclusions on the role that technology and digital media can play in development.  
  • [12:30 PM] It’s a wrap!